Cordless Drill – Uses, Benefits and Top Selling Models

If you are a beginner DIY enthusiast wanting to move to next level beyond assembling furniture, hanging wall paintings and fixing door handles, you will need some good quality tools. You must already have hammer, wrench, screw driver, measuring tape in your tool box, but its now time to upgrade and buy some branded power tools.

A drill can be one of the most useful power tool in your arsenal. Till recently, having a practical power drill meant having a corded version. But things have changed (or improved) very fast in this market segment in last few years. Now, you have the option to buy multiple varieties of 20v and 18v cordless drills which can be easily compared to some top of the line corded drills in terms of performance and usability. There is a huge variety of power drills available in market in different price ranges. Depending upon your budget and work requirement you can choose between various models from different brands.

Corded drills are very powerful and can drill in to any material with ease, where as the cordless versions were not very popular with professional tradesmen as they were not powerful. But now manufacturers like devalt, bosch, Makita etc have come with models which are very powerful and yield a lot of torque. Because they offer a lot of mobility and are not dependent on availability of AC power socket, the professional tradesmen and construction site workers are finding cordless drill to be a must have equipment in their tool box.

The new age cordless drills are light weight, small in size, carry more power and come with long lasting batteries. As there are too many options to choose from, before zeroing in on any model, you must first analyze requirement. Because the price range is so huge, you will not want to overspend and buy a tool which you do not require. Below are some tips that you must consider before buying these drills-

  • Power – You must have already noticed that each model come with different power configurations. More power is required to drill in to tough surface easily. If you are buying this product for home use, you will not be needing much power, and you can settle for lower end models which are available for less than $100.
  • Batteries – The lithium ion batteries are light in weight and provide more run time per charge as compared to nickel cadmiums. The li-ion batteries offer numerous other benefits like fast charging, better memory and longer life. The nickel cadmium on the other hand also delivers decent output and is also cheaper than the li-ion options. You can compare both the batteries keeping the above factors in mind.
  • Clutch settings – The clutch settings on a drill control the twisting force. When you are fastening screws, you do not want to under or overpower the screws, as there head may get damaged. These settings play a vital role when working in workshops or construction sites. These settings enable the operator to perform each job with high level of precision and effectiveness.
  • LED lights – If you are a construction site worker, having LED lights on your drill is must. It enables you to work in darker areas with ease. Companies like devalt offer cordless drills with LED lights which come with 20 seconds delay. The lights stay on for 20 seconds after you release the switch and help to improve the visibility without shadows.
  • Speed settings – Some cordless drills come with 2-3 speed settings. The lower speed settings are used with high torque for driving screws. On the other hand the higher speeds with low torque are used for drilling jobs. Having these settings on your drill adds more versatility to the tool. This allows you to take up different varieties of jobs. These settings are useful for small DIY jobs as well.


Few of the best selling drill models are listed below.

  1. DEWALT DC970K-2 – It is available for a price less than $100. Very decent drill for small DIY jobs and low intensity construction site jobs. It comes with dual speed settings and 380 UWO of power.
  2. Black & Decker LDX120C – It is a 20v cordless drill powered by Lithium ion batteries. Many online websites have listed this model as a best seller. One reason for its popularity is the price, you can get this model for less than $50 online.
  3. Porter Cable PCC 606 LA – This model is powered by 20V lithium ion batteries and yields close to 330 UWO of power. You can easily drill in to materials like wood, plastic and metal with this model. It is priced around $80.


If you need drills which generate more power you can also browse through various other models from Hitachi, Bosch, Makita, Devalt, Porter & Cable,etc.

Refrigerator buying guide

With so many styles, sizes, features and priced buying a refrigerator is a very difficult job. There are 10s of brands who have been pushing new models every year claiming to provide highest level of convenience and comfort to the customers. Some brands have proven their mettle by providing refrigerators that last for more than a decade and by giving high level of customer services. If you are looking to buy a new refrigerator for your home in 2017, the video below will provide you different tips to help you choose the best model for your home.

Does switching off water heater save electricity?

You must have heard from a lot of people, your friends and relatives that switching off water heaters for few hours in a day can help you save on power bills. Many a times, officials representing govt. are also seen endorsing this thought.

It is important for you to understand that people trying to convince you for this idea have very little or no knowledge about conserving electricity. Although, their intention is right, but what they are telling you is completely wrong, you will find the complete reasoning behind this below. The reason why government tells you to switch off your water heater is also difficult to understand. One guess can be that people in charge of electricity conversion have no clue about electricity and are just putting across information that looks like logical or it could be that, spreading information like this is helping them generate more revenue from citizens.

Switching off a water cooler frequently (like everyday) instead of reducing can increase the overall power consumption. This appliance is designed to stay heated up and stay like this for long duration of time,  because of its high quality insulation.  The thermostat present inside this unit is responsible for managing the temperature. The overall system is engineered in a way that thermostat automatically turns on after few hours for 2-5 minutes to maintain the overall temperature. Therefore, in actual the water heater is turned on only for few minutes throughout the day if you are not using it. When you use the hot water for a bath or other purposes, the heater spends some power to reheat the water.


After reading this, it is important for you to think, that how much electricity you will be spending if you switch off the water heating unit every day. All the heating will be lost and the machine will work again to reheat the water which it has already heated few hours back. In some circumstance, like when you are out of home for few days, it will be logical to switch off the unit.

If you want to reduce your power bills, there are some very useful tips that you can use.

  • Buy appliances which come with good energy ratings. Choosing this type of appliances might cost you more at start because they are usually expensive, but over the period of time as you will be spending lot less on electricity bills you can save a lot of money.
  • Proper Upkeep – Whenever you observe a fault (even minute ones) in your appliance, waste no time and get it repaired from a professional. Faulty appliances are known to consume more power. Apart from this, small faults can develop in to big faults in no time and can completely damage your expensive appliance.
  • Keep it away from dust – Cleaning your appliance regularly and keeping it away from dust helps in extending its life. Dust can harm any appliance in more than one way, therefore, in order to avoid expensive repair costs in future make sure to clean them regularly.